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Our Approach

Defining the program, the planning and the budget is the basis of the success of a project as well as the strategy of the collaborators.

At CREA Aménagement we attach great importance to these operations. The role of the stakeholders and the purpose of the project must be clearly defined as well as the process followed. We apply a methodology which is based on the procedures of the ISO 9001 standard in order to optimize the quality of the work and to leave the maximum time available for the design.

In our design process we use the latest modeling technology with Autodesk Revit

We also use Autocad, Archicad, Lumion, Sketchup and Adobe programs.

Sustainable design, in terms of ecological, economical and architectural quality, is essential and is now an integral part of our design solutions.

We are constantly expanding our cooperative network of specialists in various fields of engineering and sustainability. We are committed to continuing and expanding these partnerships in order to meet design challenges and provide cross-cutting and creative solutions to our clients.