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« The architect and urban planner, specialist in building rehabilitation and urban renewal, Omer HOUESSOU, founded the firm CREA Aménagement in 1997, giving it more than 20 years of continuous success, based on creative talent, hard work. relentlessness and commitment to finding exceptional solutions to ever more complex projects. »

Our team integrates all the skills necessary for the development of an architectural, urban planning or engineering project. Principal architect, Architects project managers, Urban planners, Engineer, Quality manager, communication manager, Administrative assistant etc.

The firm has acquired the service of competent staff who bring their know-how to each stage of the realization of a project. He also relies on consultants, who are bound by serious commitments and whom he can consult if the need arises.

The team at CREA Aménagement is made up of professionals with different specialties. Everyone is responsible for their decisions, but we all have a common goal: The success of the project .

We meet once a week and have discussions at all times thanks to our open workspace. Thus, we can better collaborate and share our know-how. This allows us to optimize our internal process and project monitoring. Our team has received, receives and will receive architects, engineers, town planners, technicians, internships, part-time or full, in short in all possible forms of professional connection. All interested in the agency's project, we thank them here for their contribution, their imagination and their energy.

As we would with a client, we build trust within the team to improve cooperation. Helping each other builds team spirit! By the very nature of our work, the design office is a natural training environment.